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One Health System Advisor | IEHSD, Vietnam

Vets Without Borders is looking for a One Health System Advisor volunteer to work with the Institute of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development (IEHSD) in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Volunteer Placement Details

Position Title: One Health System Advisor

Country: Vietnam

Location: Hanoi

Partner Organization: Institute of Environmental Health and Sustainable Development (IEHSD)

Duration: 5 months (flexible)

Start Date: September 2023 (or upon availability)

Pre-departure Training: VWB/VSF will provide training orientation.

Eligibility: Canadian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada only

Language: English (essential).

Academic Requirements: Master’s degree in a field relevant to One Health (e.g., public health, health policy, veterinary science, ecology, epidemiology, natural resource management) with strong background in Biostatistics.

Fundraising: VWB/VSF encourages each volunteer to raise funds towards the organization’s operations.

Volunteer Terms & Conditions 

VWB/VSF covers most of the costs of being an overseas volunteer, including:

  • Return airfare to placement country 
  • Visa/permit costs
  • The cost of required vaccinations, anti-malarial medication, and overseas emergency travel health insurance
  • A monthly living allowance (MLA) that will be paid into the volunteer’s bank account in Canada. The MLA is designed to be sufficient to cover simple housing, basic food requirements, and other typical monthly living expenses.

Volunteer Application: One Health System Advisor, IEHSD, Vietnam

Our Commitment 

Veterinarians Without Borders/Vétérinaires sans Frontière is an equal opportunity employer and values the diversity of our team.

We are committed to inclusive and equitable employment practices and strive to create a workplace that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion. VWB/VSF Canada welcomes applications from all qualified candidates, including members of racialized groups, Indigenous peoples, women, persons with disabilities, and persons of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

Please let us know if you require an accommodation and we will work with you to ensure an equitable hiring process. Thank you for your interest in VWB/VSF Canada.

Overall Goal

The primary purpose of the One Health System Advisor volunteer is to build the capacity of IEHSD and IEHSD’s partner in data synthesis, analysis and implication of research findings of both quantitative and qualitative data as well as primary and secondary data.


  • Conduct desk review studies and assessments on various topics related to One Health such as gender equity, antibiotic resistant, Biosecurity in Livestock Production, zoonosis
  • Support IEHSD and partners in performing epidemiological analysis, risk assessment, and forecast of health threats requiring One Health interventions.
  • Support IEHSD and partners using the reference management software and data analysis software.
  • Support IEHSD and partners analysing research database and interpreting results.
  • Assist IEHSD and partners doing systematic review and meta analyses research for relevant topics in One health.
  • Assist IEHSD and partners in writing report and international publication

All volunteers are expected to promote gender equality, environmental sustainability and good governance within their placement responsibilities.



  • Experience in One Health related activities (such as Epidemiology, data analysis and risk assessment, project design, budget planning and management).
  • Strong analytical, synthesis and writing skills
  • Strong background in statistics and research methodology, both qualitative and quantitative
    Experience with data visualization techniques, data management and analysis
  • Experience providing comprehensive training for other data users in R and/or Stata and/or SPSS statistical packages
  • Experience working with large data sets, panel data, survey data in R and/or Stata and/or SPSS
  • Experience working on systematic review and meta analyses research
  • Effective cross-cultural communication skills, including the ability to adapt communications to different target audiences.
  • Commitment to the principles of volunteer cooperation and familiarity with participatory approaches to development, including the promotion of gender equality, good governance, and environmental sustainability.


  • Experience working in an educational or research environment.
  • Previous experience working in Vietnam or other developing country.

About the Project: VETS

Volunteers Engaged in Gender Responsive Technical Solutions (VETS), funded through the Volunteer Cooperation Program at Global Affairs Canada, will engage 190 volunteers to work with local partner organizations in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

Volunteers will help create integrated animal health systems to increase the livelihoods and household nutrition of small-scale farmers. The VETS program utilizes the skills of volunteers to build local partner capacity to support community members, primarily women, to reduce poverty. Through improved production of livestock and crops, volunteers help improve family income and nutrition.

The VETS program is built around the One Health concept, which recognizes that the health of people, animals, and the natural environment are interconnected. This project promotes the production of more and better food and increased incomes from livestock, all the while promoting land rehabilitation and conservation for sustainable development.

Learn More About The VETS Project

About Veterinarians Without Borders

In the global south, more than 90 percent of food animals are raised by subsistence farmers. However, small-scale livestock producers, the majority of whom are women, have very limited access to quality and affordable animal health services.

Aside from the risks associated with the loss of valuable livestock that provides important protein and/or income for low-income households, zoonotic diseases that can be passed from animals to humans offer a very real threat to human health on a wider scale.

Veterinarians Without Borders/Vétérinaires sans frontières (VWB/VSF) works for and with communities in need to foster the health of animals, people, and the environments that sustain us. VWB/VSF works nationally and internationally to train animal health workers, increase food security, and improve animal and public health.

VWB/VSF provides overseas volunteer placements for veterinarians and other animal and public health professionals.

Learn More About VWB

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  • My voluntary assignments in Ghana for the past three years have dramatically improved animal production in terms of reducing mortality and increasing the size of the herd/flock.
    - Joseph Ansong-Danquah

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