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Founders Story

A woman in a red dress looking out into a wheat field at sunset.

How does a cup of coffee with friends turn into a worldwide organization?
When it comes to the passion of our founding members, big dreams were just part of the territory. 

A group of people at a coffee table with cups of coffee and notepads.

From Small Beginnings

Starting with our five founders meeting in a Guelph, Ontario café in 2005, Veterinarians Without Borders has become a full-fledged veterinary organization in Canada that is working to better the health of animals, people, and the environment in Canada and around the world.

From day one, the passion, dedication, and commitment of our organization has ranked off the scale. and within the first few months, Aeroplan committed to providing Aeroplan Miles for much-needed travel support for our projects, allowing us to work with communities in person, with on the ground, grassroots initiatives.

Meet Our Founders

With Big Dreams

Within the first year, Veterinarians Without Borders received significant government funding in recognition of our ecohealth approach, and validation that it is a good strategy for communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America and for people back home.

By working to decrease disease prevalence in developing nations, we can thereby lower the incidences of zoonoses—diseases that are passed from animals to humans, like Avian Bird Influenza and SARS—around the world. The net result is a healthier planet for everyone, including Canadians.

Our Mission

A group of Kenyan farmers with volunteers raising their hands with joy shot from above.

A group of volunteers carrying buckets with supplies walk on a thin dirt path through hilly Kenyan countryside.

To Making An Impact

Thanks to the dedication, commitment and generosity of our volunteers, our donors and our sponsors, and our Board and staff, we’ve come a long way toward big picture solutions.

Today, we work in over a dozen countries around the world. Our projects are supported by individual donors, foundations, government, and corporations. You can be a part of our successes; join the big picture and help us create: healthy animals, healthy people, and a healthy planet.

Our Projects

Stories From Around The World

"Women of VWB": Introducing Esther Mburu, VWB Country Program Manager, Kenya

To celebrate Women's Day 2024, we are releasing a week-long series featuring “Women of VWB”. The Women of VWB are effective and powerful change-makers who #InspireInclusion daily. Today, we introduce you to Esther Mburu, VWB Country Program Manager in Kenya.

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VETS Volunteer Voices: Interview with Dave in Kenya, January 2024

VETS Volunteer Voices: Interview with Dave in Kenya, January 2024

#VETSVolunteerVoices aims to bring you the stories of our passionate VETS program volunteers from the field! Meet Dr. Dave Douglas (DVM), a volunteer with VWB's VETS Program, who spent time in Kenya.

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Register for VWB/VSF's Webinar: Ukraine 2 Years later

Register for VWB/VSF's Webinar: Ukraine 2 Years later

Join us for a compelling webinar as we delve into the animal health landscape in Ukraine, two years after the onset of the war.

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  • I have seen first-hand the benefits of capacity building and gender empowerment for smallholder livestock farmers, and stakeholders in the livestock sector.
    - Dr. Shauna Richards

Become A Part Of The Big Picture

By supporting Veterinarians Without Borders through donations or volunteering, you become part of the Big Picture solution. 

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